Consulting Services

Whether your organization has just realized it needs a content strategy, or is struggling to translate user research findings into actual web content, we can help. We excel at helping our clients identify and create purposeful content – content that supports their business goals and meets target audience needs.

With more than 20 years experience working with clients across industries ranging from automotive to pharmaceuticals, we know how to successfully navigate the content challenges facing mid- to large-size organizations. With our consulting services, you can ensure that the time, money, and people you dedicate to your content produces business results.

Content Audits

Before you start any content strategy work, understanding the current state of your content is key. By performing a qualitative content audit, based on business and user criteria, we can show you how your content is performing – and identify where you should focus resources for improvement.

Our content audit consists of a systematic evaluation of your website content, using business and user criteria we’ve defined with you. We pinpoint what’s wrong, and provide concrete recommendations for how to fix it. We can audit your entire website, or focus on specific areas that are key to your organization or its target audiences (or both).

Hire us to conduct a content audit to find out how your content is performing, pinpoint problem areas, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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What we do
  • Define evaluation criteria
  • Evaluate current site content
  • Provide recommendations for improvements
What you get
  • Customized, re-usable evaluation framework
  • Current state evaluation
  • Best practice examples and recommendations
  • Findings report, including recommendations
Recommended timing

Before starting a content strategy or website redesign project, to get a clear picture of content performance and target areas for improvement.

Content Strategy

A content strategy should be more than simply a plan for creating readable, user-friendly content. It should also help you achieve your organization’s business goals, and reflect your target audiences’ needs.

Whether your organization needs a new content strategy, an objective third-party review of its current strategy, or a senior advisor to look at a specific content challenge, we can help. Our content strategy consulting services can help you improve the quality and effectiveness of your content at any stage of your organization’s content strategy maturity.    

Hire us to craft a results-oriented content strategy that supports your organization’s strategic objectives and also meets your target audiences’ needs.

get started
What we do
  • Kickoff meeting with key stakeholders to understand your current web content landscape
  • Audit website content to understand your current state, pinpoint problem areas, and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Create or revise a custom plan for content development and management
  • Develop or revise key messages and voice and tone
  • Create sample copy for web or social media
What you get
  • A comprehensive, custom content strategy document that includes:
    Key messages – themes to be communicated
    Voice and tone – how your brand “sounds”
    Editorial style – words and phrasings to be used
    Sample copy – how to apply the content strategy when writing  
Recommended timing

Anytime, or at the beginning of a website redesign project, to inform the development of site and page-level structures and content.